S. Harris

S. Harris offers of-the-moment textiles, wallcoverings, trimmings, and decorative accessories influenced by art, fashion, and travel. Well-edited lines of essential luxury solids and culturally relevant patterns are presented in a range of colors, textures, and compositions.

S. Harris provides uniquely relevant, edgy-transitional products to designers creating comfortably luxe and relatable spaces for living. We believe in creating products reflective of contemporary life, beauty in juxtaposition, and mindful design from production to placement. Consistent with our vision of making American design more inclusive, balanced and reflective of contemporary life, S. Harris is a “living brand,” always evolving and incorporating a myriad of influences. 


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Amazing Textures

“Colors, yes. Patterns, of course. But those textures - that hand - that luxury - you just want to create anything to use that fabric! And, we will!”

— D.C.

Stars of the Room!

“Sometimes, it is the subtlety of the quiet whisper that shouts the a-ha. We always find our a-ha with S. Harris - sometimes it is the whisper, and sometimes the roar.”

— T.F..

Go-To is not flattering …

“But that is what S. Harris is - our go-to. It saves us every time. S. Harris fabrics are in every project we do. Period - no other line does what they do.”

— A.R.


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