Wow. Just wow.

It is amazing to witness the results of so many talented folks. The introductions were over the top.  The showroom looked the best it has ever looked ... customers words, not ours.

We sat in everything, at least three times, maybe more. Tomlinson introduced a new cushion this market, the "Sophisticate". It is a custom designed cushion that would pass anyone's fanny test, including Mama Kay's. It really is the most comfortable cushion we have sat in. And we thought it couldn't get any better! Luckily, there are very talented people that are true engineers. 

Fashion was apparent. From the fabrics to the nuances of the lines of the pieces. A collection first introduced in the 1960's is perhaps even more relevant today dressed in contemporary fabrics with classic movement in the patterns. Mid-Century modern? Or today's style? Or both? 

We have some pieces headed to the showroom floor, but until they arrive, take a tour with us!