Parish Co

Parish Co is a wonderful member of our Vendor Family @ J Lambeth. Our philosophies align and we share the same passion to craft by hand, great furniture. If you don't know them, let us give you some background!

The company was founded in 2014 as a realization of the shared dream of their studio team. Having been disenchanted by the production model of larger operations, they looked back to what initially inspired them to create furniture; the love of the craft and the culture of collaboration. The same things we love about great furniture.

They conceived a cooperative studio workshop, each partner bringing their expertise to a project with an eye to the shared goal; creating honest furniture of the highest quality. They don’t attach themselves to a particular style or aesthetic but rather allow the designer to interpret their form to their own use. They craft each piece with a timeless precision allowing the pieces to become generational heirlooms.

Parish Co's market position affords them the ability to individually focus on each project coming through the doors from conception through to delivery. Each step of development and construction is treated with the utmost integrity towards the vision and expectations of you, the client. Their success lies in the inspiration and loyalty of the design professionals who inspire them.

Their line pieces are perfect. Change the finish, and you change the personality of the piece. Everything is hand crafted, to order so anything can be lengthened, shortened, added to etc., giving a flexibility so your project specifications can be met in a beautiful way. But what if the piece isn't in their line catalog? Draw it and they will build it!

Last week was the High Point Market. Dan Parish and Kim Alatorre brought some incredible Parish Co pieces to show! (We have some jewels headed to the showroom floor!). Until they arrive, we thought we would give you a little tour of the highlights ...




J Lambeth

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