Aesthetics are subjective.  Quality and craftsmanship are not.

At the foundation of every Giati design is quality.  It is the catalyst to our craftsmanship.  It is what places our product in the finest hotels, restaurants, and private estates.  Quality is what makes our furniture, umbrellas, pavilions, and fabric internationally recognizable.

With exceptional quality comes a craftsmanship that is incomparable.  Every detail matters and it is in the sum of these details that makes our product an essential resource for design professionals.

Run your fingers across the interior and exterior of any piece of Giati furniture.  You will find no difference between the finely finished surfaces.  Observe the perfectly paired stripes and patterns on any of our umbrellas or cushions.  Notice the hand of our textiles and the smoothness of our teakwood furniture.

None of this is by accident.  To be detail oriented would be an understatement.  Our designers are mindful of the details and believe every design element should be carefully considered.  Some may call it irrelevant or insignificant.  We call it superior design.

Browse through the latest collection of Giati in the catalog below.  We are happy to provide you information and sampling for your projects.  Let us know how we can help.